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Cleaning Services

Tile Cleaning - 250 sq ft
Grout cleaning with special machine scrubbing, we remove all dirt from tile and grout.
Carpet Cleaning - 500 sq ft
Truck mounted steam cleaning, vacuuming and spot cleaning are included in every package.

Tile and Carpet Cleaning Can Help Save Your San Diego Flooring!

The premier San Diego carpet cleaning company for more than a decade, we’re here to make your home just a little more inviting with our carpet and tile cleaning services. Our years of industry expertise mean it’s easier than ever to maintain that fresh, clean environment you love, and with a full lineup of services that are perfect for your home, you can rest easy with the knowledge that we’re here to handle all of your carpet, tile, and stone cleaning needs, whether you’re worried about your floor or your shower.

Expert Carpet Cleaning

Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and better cleaning processes, our carpet cleaning services mean your home will sparkle as soon as we finish. Combine that with the fact that we work hard to make the entire process painless and efficient, and you have a winning equation that means safe, beautiful carpets in less time than you ever thought possible.

Comprehensive Tile Cleaning

No homeowner looks forward to scrubbing tiles, and when the grime is clinging to the grout as if it will never let go, the task seems only more frustrating. San Diego Tile and Carpet Clean, though, will be happy to help. Our expert tile cleaning technicians are trained using the most advanced techniques in the industry, so that original shine your floor, shower, or other tiled area once had is quickly achievable. We only use an organic cleaner that’s safe for your kids and your pets, and we’ll hand scrub those tough spots while continually protecting your baseboards. We even employ a high heat steam process that’s hot enough to disinfect the surface. Need a sealer? Ours is one of the best penetrating products on the market, so your tile and grout will look just as good in a few months as it does when we leave.

Stone Cleaning

Ensuring your stone looks just as amazing as it did the day it was installed requires a delicate touch, and we use only those restoration techniques that have been proven to work in the past, not equipment that may damage the surface. We’ll carefully prepare everything before we get started, then gently hone the surface to help remove those signs of wear and tear. When we get done, we’ll polish and seal the surface to help prevent future problems.

San Diego Tile and Carpet Clean – The Cleaning Experts

We’re San Diego’s best known carpet cleaning service, and we’re here to help make sure your home stays as clean as possible. Take the time to learn more about our carpet, tile, and stone cleaning services or our 24 hour emergency water damage services, then contact us for a free quote. Your results are always going to depend on the team you hire to take on the job. Shouldn’t you choose the best? Family owned and operated, San Diego Tile and Carpet Clean is the only way to move forward when you want a level of clean throughout your home that you can truly trust. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

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