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Cleaning Services

Tile Cleaning - 250 sq ft
Grout cleaning with special machine scrubbing, we remove all dirt from tile and grout.
Carpet Cleaning - 500 sq ft
Truck mounted steam cleaning, vacuuming and spot cleaning are included in every package.

Tile and Carpet Cleaning Carlsbad - Stone, Tile and Travertine Floors

When your floor needs to look amazing, it’s time to contact San Diego Tile and Carpet Clean. With the carpet and tile cleaning services in Carlsbad you need to help your entire house shine, we are the only name you need to know in the world of cleaner floors.

A Professional Company Providing Professional Results

San Diego Tile and Carpet Clean is IICRC certified. We know that your level of clean is only as good as the company you choose to hire, so we go above and beyond to provide you with better services every time. Our progressive techniques and equipment mean you get cleaner floors with every visit. Our services are even guaranteed for 30 days after we clean.

Carpet Cleaning

Our unique steam cleaning process has your carpets cleaner faster than you ever thought possible. Our expert spot removal is always included in the price, and we can help with carpets, furniture, and area rugs. We employ eco-friendly cleaning agents and use a pure water rinse so nothing is left behind that isn’t safe for your family. Whether you need to save your carpets or you’re simply searching for that new carpet feel right now, call us today. We’ll get your carpets clean fast and dry them without taking up your entire day.

Tile Cleaning

Deeply embedded dirt can leave your beautiful tile floors looking nothing short of dingy, but we can help. Our advanced equipment means a deeper scrubbing of the dirt that’s rooted in your grout, and our after-clean sealer treatment can help make certain your floors look clean in the days and months to come.

The San Diego Tile and Carpet Clean Difference

Searching for the best in carpet and tile cleaning? Carlsbad residents just like you have been discovering the difference a company like ours can make for the past fifteen years. Family owned and operated, we’re committed to meeting your needs. We know how important a clean, healthy environment is to your family, and all of our services provide just that. A call to SD Tile and Carpet Clean is peace of mind. Take the time now to explore our services and get a free written estimate.

Life happens on your floors, but San Diego Tile and Carpet Clean can help make them look great again and again, whether you’re talking about the tile floors of your kitchen or the soft Berber carpeting of your living room. Contact us today to learn more about our tile and carpet cleaning services now.

Aiming for something a little cleaner? Let us help with our carpet, tile, and stone cleaning services. The name to turn to in Carlsbad for decades, we’re happy to help whether it’s your beautifully carpeted bedroom floor, tiled showers, or gorgeous stone floor.

Cleaning Experience Where It Counts

The last thing you want is a company that simply can’t help you protect your investment. San Diego Tile and Carpet Clean, though, is different. We’ve been right here in Carlsbad for more than a decade, providing carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and stone cleaning services to home owners just like you. It’s a premium line-up of services few others can beat, and our knowledge of the industry’s best practices means you can relax with the knowledge that you’ll have a cleaner, healthier, more valuable environment when we leave.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Dangerous chemicals can not only damage your delicate flooring, but they can also hurt your family or your pets. At San Diego Tile and Carpet Clean, we use only safe carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and stone cleaning methods. It’s healthier for your family, and it’s certainly healthier for the environment too.

The San Diego Tile and Carpet Clean Difference

As you search for the right company to handle your floors, you likely look for a number of factors. Take a quick look at what we offer:

  • Free Written Estimates
  • Guaranteed Work
  • Organic Cleaners That Are Safe For Kids And Pets
  • Hand Scrubbing For A Deeper Clean
  • Baseboard Protection Services
  • High Heat Steam Cleaning For Disinfecting

With us, you’re not only getting a better level of clean, but also a better level of service.

Clean, fresh floors. From carpet cleaning to stone and tile, we offer it, no matter what the surface. Contact us today for a written estimate, and make an appointment to ensure your house is cleaner than you ever thought possible.


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